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iHCFA Bills ProcessingNo Implementation Fees
iHCFA Bills ProcessingNo Lost Bills or Disputed Bill Status
iHCFA Bills ProcessingFaster Payments
iHCFA Bills ProcessingHigher Productivity, Lower Operating Costs
iHCFA Bills ProcessingHigher Profit

iHCFA specializes in electronic submission of bills, medical reports and supporting documents to the Automobile, No- Fault and Workers' Compensation insurance industries. We have solutions for large or small volume providers using a fully electronic bill submission process in conjunction with the best User Interface in the business. We integrate with any Medical Billing Software using the following standard formats:

iHCFA Bills Processingx12 837 (professional and institutional)
iHCFA Bills ProcessingCSV (iHCFA Specified Layouts)
iHCFA Bills ProcessingPrint Image

iHCFA has multiple options available to transmit medical records, SOAP notes, supporting documents, invoices and communications to Insurance Carriers. iHCFA accepts many different attachment formats including: JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, XPS, OXPS, HTML, MSG, and TXT.

We also drop claims to paper and ship to all non-electronic Insurance Carriers via USPS. USPS mail tracking data is captured and stored in the claim status history.