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Web-Based and EDI Claims submission

Providers connect to iHCFA to submit bills and supporting documents directly from their own billing software, or via the iHCFA portal. iHCFA also facilitates transmission and display of supporting documents. The system validates bills according to universally accepted standards for an Insurance Carrier or Payer, resulting in the transfer and receipt of a "clean claim" and supporting documents. Edits and Rules allow bills to be scrubbed BEFORE submission.

Customers have said the iHCFA user interface and ease-of-use are best in the industry. The iHCFA portal is easy to understand & navigate, requiring minimal self-training investment. Audio-visual tutorials and on-screen instructions assist in utilization of various website functions.

Users are immediately made aware of bills that fail system validations and would be rejected by Payers. Online error correction and resubmission of a clean and accurate bill avoids weeks or months of payment delay. The iHCFA.com interface allows the user to track the status of bill acceptance and payment. Automated messages help users manage their work process more efficiently and effectively.

The iHCFA portal allows for desktop review and coordination of the progress of the claim. iHCFA automatically tracks and records all entries, resulting in secure claims accountability. The use of iHCFA expedites payment, provides proof of timely submission and acceptance, and allows Providers to adopt and use a single workflow for all lines of business.

Uploaded Scans

iHCFA accepts scanned and uploaded bills and supporting documents if a submitter’s system is not capable of producing an EDI data file. iHCFA can assure "clean claims" input and electronic submission to an Insurance Carrier within 48 hours of receipt of a mailed or scanned bill and supporting documents.

Paper Claim Submission

iHCFA can drop to paper and forward bills and supporting documents to ANY Carrier which does not accept bills electronically. The iHCFA Claims Detail screen will record all processes including USPS mail tracking data.

Medical Billing Software Vendors

iHCFA works with medical billing software vendors to integrate directly to iHCFA. iHCFA provides a revenue sharing model which will offset programming development costs and create a new profit center.

Form Types

In addition to the 1500 and UB04, iHCFA has several state-specific forms built into the system.

New York Workers Compensation Forms Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Form
  • EC-4 Narrative (replaces C-4 and C-4.2)
  • EC-4 AMR (ancillary medical report)
  • OTPT-4 (occupational and physical therapist report)
  • PS-4 (psychology report)
  • C-5 (ophthalmologist report)
  • HP1 and HPJ1 Appeals Forms
  • LIBC-9